Radio Direction Finding

Direction Finding (DF) is an international competative sport where a team or individual has to locate a number of hidden transmitters using basic equipment, namely: a receiver, directional antenna and (usually) a map. Direction finding can be a small competition in an urban enviroment over 100’s of meters or a large event covering 10’s of miles over rough terrain in a national park!

The aim of direction finding is simple, find the hidden transmitters before your competition does! For more information check out the RSGB page at the National Radio Centre. Wikipedia also has a good page on Amateur radio direction finding.

CUARS organises regular DF competitions, it is a great way to hone your radio skills and meet new people! Food and drinks are generally close to the final transmitter.


CUARS plans to build six TRO-2 transmitters. These produce a programmable On-Off-Keyed signal using a PIC microcontroller.

Example built by Dave Deane G3ZOI

We have the circuit boards and need to order the components and assemble them. We hope to complete this in time to use them in the fall semester.

Schematic of the TRO-2

Schematic of the TRO-2