This example “about” page, and other pages associated with the “About” section, illustrate two features provided by Hugo-Smorg:

  • layout: subsection
  • partial: breadcrumbs (included in subsection layout by default)

If you find a need for a layout like:


Then _default/subsection.html layout and partials/section-crumbs.html may be just what you need. To use simply add the following variable to your front-matter in all content found within the “about” section, including its _index.html:

layout: subsection

By default the link title is the Page’s title (.Name); long titles won’t work well; you can supply slug in font-matter to override this for breadcrumbs:

slug: board

Note: Use of slug will also affect your Page’s URL. Oftentimes this may be in line with what you want for a breadcrumb-appropriate menu. You can optionally maintain an alias to the former or any prior URI using Hugo’s alias feature in page frontmatter:

aliases: [/posts/my-old-url/]

Get the theme here: https://github.com/solutionroute/hugo-smorg.